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Hi, I'm Jon! I would love to help you capture and keep your memories.

After a disappointing experience during our engagement photo shoot, I felt compelled to ensure that others wouldn't go through the same ordeal.

The entire process was filled with awkward poses and forced moments that made me feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied with the final results. Although our photographer possessed undeniable talent and boasted a flawless Instagram feed, the truth was that we simply didn't click. As a bigger guy, the techniques employed by the photographer to capture their usual shots didn't work well for us. Furthermore, my wife and I are naturally goofy and authentic individuals, and the posed and staged moments felt insincere and forced. We would have been much happier with photos that showcased our true personalities in genuine, unscripted moments, even if they were less dreamy or conventionally beautiful. This experience inspired me to pursue photography with a clear mission to capture real moments of real people.

My wife affectionately calls me a goober, as I am an unabashed giant dork. When it comes to cameras, Star Wars, and my family, my enthusiasm can sometimes border on obsession. But hey, I absolutely love what I do. Spending time with my family brings me so much joy, and being a husband and father is the greatest blessing in my life. While I may not have much free time for hobbies these days, whenever I do get a rare moment to myself, you'll likely find me watching my favorite comedy TV shows like "The Office," "Parks & Rec," and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." I also enjoy listening to audiobooks and indulging in the fantasy of browsing camera gear that I can't quite afford (a guy can dream, can't he?).

Whether you're seeking family portraits, senior photos, or coverage for your wedding, I would be honored to help you capture those invaluable moments and preserve your cherished memories for a lifetime.

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